Ratings and Reasons

Chao Adventure (1)
Rated: T for Teen
Reason: Mild Swearing

Chao Adventure the main story

One day Sonic and friends decided to go to Greenhill for a vacation. They brought the 5 chao that they raised. Brandy: a normal hero chao with tiger arms and a gold halo, Cuttie: Actually Cutie misspelled with 2 t's on purpose and is a normal hero fly chao, Rodolph: A normal hero chao and is a extremely fast chao, Snowey: Spelled with a e on purpose and is a normal white hero chao that can't swim; however is good at a lot of other things, Gary: A normal orange hero chao that loves martial arts, boxing, and pretty much any kind of fighting style there is out there. Once Sonic and friends get there with the chao. They had a lot of fun for a few days. However, Eggman is yet up to no good. And finally invents a machine to capture Sonic and friends; He calls it Roboraptor 2000. Even though Sonic and friends were captured. The 5 chao were small enough to escape. It is now up to Brandy, Cuttie, Rodolph, Snowey, and Gary to save sonic and his friends. They decide to go separate ways to find eggmans base. And contact each other if they find it. Brandy starts his journey on Greenhill however on the way Brandy gets knocked out by eggman. And wakes u unharmed. And finds out he was saved b 2 mysterious chao apparently from another universe Goldie and Melik. They are both neutral chao one wears a CGI suit and one is gold. They come from a place where Hero and Dark chao don't exist. And the reason why they are here is for the so called chaos emeralds they heard about. That exist over by Brandy's area. Of coarse Brandy knows what the chaos emeralds are. Yet when Sonic left the chaos emerald fled. So Brandy not only has to save Sonic and friends. But help out his new friends Goldie and Melik retrieve the chaos emeralds data. Each chao has a different ability and power that helps you get through the game. And all of Brandy's friends are going to help you defeat eggman. It is now up to Brandy the main character and his friends to save the world from eggmans wrath and retrieve the chaos emeralds.