Current Chao Adventure Demos!

This is where you can find the current Chao Adventure related demos. They are absolutely free to download. So don't worry about money being involved. As the Chao Adventure series grows. Their demos will be placed here once they are done.

Chao Adventure Demo

This is the very first Chao Adventure ever made. It has currently over 110 downloads. And is a very popular choice. And pretty much what made the site possible! Even though the full game isn't one yet (It will be soon). Try out the demo if you are new to the series.

Chao Adventure (Demo) Made by N12

Ok to download this game you need to follow a few guide lines.

1. When you click the link you might need to wait 60 seconds. If so.Wait a minute. Then click download. Then go to save.

Then it should download. (Unless you need to click a spot to save it. If so save it in the local disk C.) then it will download.

Let it download until it says download complete.

2. After downloading go to my computer. Then go to the Local Disk C. You should find a folder called chao adventure.

Click it. Then click the next folder. Then click setup. Then you should get a box that looks messed up. Don't worry about it!Just go to the button with the 3 periods on it. Then click the Local Disk C Yet again. If you do this right there should b a symbol in the box that looks like this [ C:/ ] Then click the bottom left button in the box. It should install the game. Give it time to install. Then all you need to do now is go back to the c disk. And this time you should find another folder that says chao adventure on it. Only this one isn't zipped. Click it. Then find the button that looks like a man holding a sword it should say "RPG_RT". Then your ready for action! The title screen should come up and you should be ready for game play!

*I hope you have a great time with this game. If you find any bugs or glitches such as finding enemys in the water and air. Report them to Neutral12 so he can fix them as soon as possible so it won't happen in the full version.*


There are currently no full chao adventure games. Check the current news for updates and pending release dates for more info.

Miscellaneous Games

Goldies Adventure

The long lost game of Goldies past. Along with where Goldie Meets Melik. This game made Goldie and Melik who they are today. If you want to find out more about Goldie and Melik, Play this game. This game also mentions more about Maka Goldie and other things related to Goldie and Melik. This is a full RPG and was created by Bob of the N12 Team Staff.

Rated T +16
Violence and adult themes

*Download link will be available soon...*