Update #16 04/18/2008

Sry about how long it took for me to fix the game (Yes, again >>...). But now it's finally fixed and I can start working on it again. Btw I have added and removed features to the site; this includes,

Chat box removed: Too many people were abusing it, therefore I have removed it. However I may create a forum later on in Chao Adventures history, but for now it's gone. Sorry guys.

CA Manga canceled: I lost interest in making the manga. I'm sorry but the comic is enough work for me and I want to keep this simple (Well maybe for now...).

New CA songs being developed: Recently I have talked to the musician of N12Team (Aka ChaoMaster), which is also a programmer.  And he has made me a few well done recreates of the current CA soundtrack. And later I will upload his music to this site to download, Congrats ChaoMaster!

Updates will now be once a week: Before it was everyday, but now it's just too stressful for me. Plus most of the time I don't know what to talk about. So I will make it once a week. It will give me enough time to think and more time to take breaks and work on the game.

Thanks for your cooperation,


Update# 14/15 12/09/2007

Sorry guys, But Updating is currently going to be postponed for a week or so. Due to game reasons.

Update #13 12/07/2007

CA Update! As of 12/7/07

I kinda made this one late. But todays news is, I am making some wallpapers for desktops. With the help of my advanced imager Kscorps. I also got even more sprites fixed. I noticed a few sprite flaws in some badnicks, so i fixed those. I am also planning for the second Chao Adventure. This way, It wont take as long as the first one did.

Thats todays announcement. Check out the next one tommarrow.

Update #12 12/06/2007

CA Update! As of 12/6/07

Game is almost done guys! I just need to fix a few sprites and a few events. I'm getting there guys, So hold on to your seat. Anyways, I am writing vocals for Chao Adventure songs. If you are interested in singing the songs for us, Contact us.

(Didn't really have something to talk about today. >.>)

Check out the next update tommarrow.

Update #11 12/05/2007

CA Update! As of 12/5/07

I got good news, Remember that problem that occurred yesterday? Well It got fixed. And surprisingly, This happened all by itself. So ya im happy. And I am sure all the fans are too. Ok now for some more good news. Ever since I got the game fixed. I got A LOT of events and fixed A LOT of sprites done. So you will be expecting the game around a week or so. So be prepared! =D

Thats todays announcement. Check out the next tommarrow.

Update #10 12/04/2007

CA Update! As of 12/4/07

Well, good news guys. The game will be done next week or so. However I got some bad news as well. The game is going funky on me. The events are making the game freeze. If i don't get this fixed soon, i might have to delay again. And I WONT want to do that at all. If you experienced this problem, contact us. You will be rewarded.

Thats todays announcement. Check out the next one tommarrow.

Update #9 12/03/2007

CA Update! As of 12/3/07

Today I would like to announce that I completely finished the first level. And i almost done with the others as well. I am just about done with monsters too. By the way, I will start making comics again soon. Since the game is just about done. Also in the process is the Chao Adventure Manga. Which I got many requests for. I am going to try to include as much stuff as I can in this manga. Now for the last part of this update. If those who don't remember. I started a Chao Adventure Story series, With only text. I haven't worked on this since a year ago. So i feel like making it its own section on the site. And i will make those again.

Thats todays update. Check out the next update tommarrow.

Update #8 12/02/2007

CA Update! As of 12/2/07

Today i would like to announce, That i decided to make a E rated version of Chao Adventure. Why you ask, It's because I want everyone to lay tis game. Not just older kids. I want to be able to have as many people play this game as possible. Including the littler kids. I would also like to announce that the mini games section of the site is finished. However there is currently only 2 games. A Word Search and a Maze. I will put more later on.

Thats todays update. See the next update tommarrow.

Update #7 12/01/2007

CA Update! As of 12/1/07

Happy first day of December! Yea, I'm mentioning it cause this is Neutral12's birth month! So yay! Anyways, I am going to add a new section. It's called the mini games section. Where you can play a few chao adventure puzzle games, etc. I thought it would make a fun addition to the site. I am also still thinking about the character bios. However the chances are, I will add Bios. Because most characters i don't mention enough in the game; Such as Maru Jr; And a few others. There will be one Bio for every character and its going to be its own section on the site.

That's todays update. Check out the next update tommarrow.

Update #6 11/30/2007

CA Update! As of 11/30/2007

Ok I got some good news and bad news. Starting with the good news, The Brandy sprites have been updated. However, these sprites won't be used in the first Chao Adventure. They will be used in the second one. And now the bas news, I can't get my microphone to work on this computer. So i can't record soundtrack, Sorry guys. However, If you have a working microphone system or MP3 record system that has the ability to upload on the internet; Contact Us. If you get this working for us, you will be added to the N12 Team staff. By the way, we also need a band. If you have a band or know one the lives near you (It doesn't matter what kind of band it is. As long as it involved basic band instruments such as a guitar, etc.) Contact us. Or if this band isn't yours and lives near you. Tell that band to contact us. We will hire the band to the N12 Team staff.

Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for tommarrows update.