Update #5 11/29/2007

CA Update! As of 11/29/07

Well, Today i managed to get a lot done in Chao Adventure. I got lots of event done over the past day and the time i have today. Also I didn't manage to make origami figures yet. Sorry... This takes a lot of time to do. Creativity isn't something that happens automatically. Anyways, I got some new plans for new chao adventure games after the first one (Sorry guys no spoilers). So thats to give you a heads up.

Thats all for today. Check in tommarrow.

Update #4 11/28/2007

CA Update! As of 11/28/07

Today i just started on the updated preview for the full Chao Adventure game. This preview is motioned. Meaning, this preview has recorded parts in it. So this is going to be more fun to view. Anyways while im at it, I finally found something to put in the downloads section of this site. I am going to feature wallpapers for your desktop. As well as origami cut outs. If i can find a way to do so on paper. And end up making the characters as origami figures. I will transfer them to a computer instruction booklet that gives you instructions on how to make them.

Thats the current news. Check the newest news tommarrow.

Update #3 11/27/2007

CA Update! As of 11/27/07

I was thinking of adding character bios to this site. Should I? Contact us and submit your opinions. Anyways, Chao Adventure now has a new feature. In the game there will be tokens. They allow you to gain a special item in the game (Sorry guys, no spoilers...). There is also going to be a Black Market after every mid boss you defeat. Where you get a chance to get items, etc.

That is todays announcement. Check back tommarrow!

Update #2 11/26/2007

CA Update! As of 11/26/07

Today I am happy to announce that I have every single boss completed for Chao Adventure. As well as the music collection. I also recently got all the sprites fixed. So they don't chip off when they walk like in the demo.

That is todays update!

Update #1 11/25/2007

CA Update! As of 11/25/07.

This is the very first update for CA on the site, So yay. Also while i'm at it,  new updates will be on this site every day.

Chao Adventure will be released around Christmas and January. I know at times I said June, September, October. But this time i mean it. I got everything just about done. Right now i'm focusing on the movies clips in the game at certain points.

That is the current news. Check out the newest news tommarrow!