Update #6 11/30/2007

CA Update! As of 11/30/2007

Ok I got some good news and bad news. Starting with the good news, The Brandy sprites have been updated. However, these sprites won't be used in the first Chao Adventure. They will be used in the second one. And now the bas news, I can't get my microphone to work on this computer. So i can't record soundtrack, Sorry guys. However, If you have a working microphone system or MP3 record system that has the ability to upload on the internet; Contact Us. If you get this working for us, you will be added to the N12 Team staff. By the way, we also need a band. If you have a band or know one the lives near you (It doesn't matter what kind of band it is. As long as it involved basic band instruments such as a guitar, etc.) Contact us. Or if this band isn't yours and lives near you. Tell that band to contact us. We will hire the band to the N12 Team staff.

Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for tommarrows update.



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